About Me

It all begins with the 3 C’s. Coffee. Culture. Community. Three beautifully complex, rich, and luminous words that I have struggled to understand and interact with for the entirety of my life. And that I am sure other young men and woman have wrestled with in the past or maybe are wrestling with now.

Welcome to the Coffee Collective!


My name is Mariah, and I have been a dedicated coffee bean for around 8 years now. 


Like most people, I grew up surrounded by coffee drinkers and Dunkin Donuts shops, but due to a strict “anti-caffeine” childhood, I never actually tried coffee until I turned 17. 


But then, HAZAH! One hot Sunday morning, my Father stopped at Dunkin on our way to church, for his usual morning cup-of-joe, and as per the standardized norm, I accompanied him inside: having it on my mind to get a donut if I couldAs we were waiting in line, a girl—much younger than I—walked by with, and I will alwaysremember this…an iced caramel latte [commence drooling now]. Topped with a not-so-healthy heaping of whipped cream. I eyeballed it, and it only took one glance from my Mom and Dad, and before I knew it, my Dad was ordering me one too. I was finally sticking my own straw into my very first latte. Dreams really do come true! But man was it bitter! Since then, I’ve been hooked. I’ve also made sure to learn as much as I can about coffee since that day, how to make it, where it comes from, and its actually helped me develop into a more adventurous eater/event goer. 


I’ve now since worked as a barista in my early years of college, and although I work in a laboratory now, I still make it a point to either get coffee from the Dunkin that started it all, or use my very own coffee bar and percolator, to make delicious caffeinated beverages myself. But, with coffee, as well as with community and culture, the rules of the game are always changing, and there is something new to try around every corner.


With that being said, I recently just moved to Melbourne, FL to pursue even more coffee trends and caffeine fanatic related stories!

That is why I am here. To help you! The coffee hungry fanatic, with a tight budget, and a big heart, learn to not only make some great coffee at home for yourself, but also keep you up-to-date on re-occurring events that you can try, where coffee and people gather in mounting numbers. Here’s to the never-ending adventure!

And if you want to know a little bit more about me personally, take a look at my YouTube "About Me" introduction as well! Make sure to take a look, it could prove to be a real treat!

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you coffee beans.

Cheers to the 3 C’s, and to you! Talk soon!

I’m off to grab a pumpkin spiced latte, 



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