America's Laboratories Run on Coffee

There is only one item that runs through the veins of hospitals, nationwide, as regularly as scrubs and sterile glove. Only one item that is consumed by 84% of Doctors on a daily basis, that isn't directly related to aiding in the medical field. What is this one item? Coffee, of course!


Coffee in Sample Glass By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

To-Go mugs and Dunkin Donuts cups--filled to the brim with caffeinated heaven--filter through the front doors of Middletown, New York's very own, local Urgent Care Center, Middletown Medical, almost as often as patients and employees.

The employee break room is dedicated to these beverage containers, varying in size and potency. No matter age, race, or job title. Most everyone at this well-center can appreciate a good cup-of-joe.

Nurses talk with patients about preparing their, much needed, morning cup of coffee, Doctors grab a quick swallow of mocha brown delight while scurrying down hallways, and laboratory technicians wait anxiously for their turn to break away from the lab, and have their own coffee break, when they can.

Gloved Hand With Coffee Beans By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

It is growing increasingly more evident; America's medical field--as a whole--runs on coffee.

According to one study titled, Black Medicine: An Observational Study of Doctors' Coffee Purchasing Patterns at Work, "the medical benefits of coffee are debatable..." but the "black medicine" has been a popular subject of interest, for well over a thousand years. And now, as the stresses of life and work increase, especially within the medical field, it is becoming even more standard for medical professionals (Doctor's especially), to depend on the boost the caffeinated beverage provides.

Who Drinks The Most Coffee In The Medical Field By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

The benefits reaped from drinking coffee expand far beyond a mere caffeine high though.

Coffee can actually aid in alleviating many ailments, or even strengthening or cleansing the human body in generalized specifics.

Coffee can help to keep the human mind alert, yes. But, it can also aid in reducing the risk of certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, and Parkinson's disease...just to name a few, according to Robert H. Shmerling, MD, the author of The Latest Scoop on the Health Benefits of Coffee.

Laboratory Name Badge With Coffee Beans By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

Of course, there are limits and even risks (especially for women), that can be linked back to the caffeinated beverage as well, such as spikes in anxiety, higher risk for gastroesophageal reflux disease, endometriosis, and more, according to this Medical News Today article. The key to coffee consumption, as always, is in moderation.

It is also integral to understanding the unique relationship America has with coffee, to realize that there are many reasons why medical professionals, as well as other working (and non-working) American citizens, love the beverage so much.

Laboratory Worker Poses For Picture By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

Some, like one of Middletown Medical's laboratory technicians, Ellen Bucher, claim the beverage not only gives her a little kick to get the day going. But, Ellen Bucher also said that, " is my comfort coffee!" She doesn't need it just to wake up in the morning, "'s a mental thing, something to look forward to to get me through the day,".

And Ellen is not the only person to feel this way.

Many medical professionals feel a though they could not make it through their day without coffee. That goes for the general workplace as well. But, it is the laboratory workers who depend on their caffeinated beverages to get them through their days' the most.

Coffee Beans in Sample Glass By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

In short, working in medicine is no joke. Working in medicine without coffee, is almost completely unheard of. Coffee supports all workers, in whatever capacity they may need it. As a mental break, an energy spike, or simply a sweet comfort...caffeine is here for work and play.

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