Boga Cafe - Home of the Kissimmee Coffee Gods

The Boga Cafe & Bread shop is baking up savory miracles within their four walls!

The Boga Cafe & Bread Shop Front Window Logos By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

Since it's relatively new beginnings, the Boga Cafe & Bread shop, has made more than a lasting impression on Kissimmee, Florida residents. Even though the cafe only opened its doors about 9 months ago, it has already gained a steady, and loyal following from local caffeine fanatics. Employees and customers alike, attribute this influx of loyalty to the cafe for 2 reasons. The first, being that it is a family owned shop. The second, being that the cafe roasts its own coffee beans, right there, in the shop!

"I really just love getting the black coffee," Catherine Coelho, an avid fan of the shop said, "it's really, really good. And I don't feel the need to add creamer, or sugar, or anything like that...I really do enjoy it...."

According to E-Imports: Espresso Business Solutions, the "coffee statistics show that among coffee drinkers, the average consumption in the United States is 3.1 cups of coffee per day." The sale of specialty coffee are on the rise, as more and more, caffeine lovers in the United States, seek to find their own little chunk of beverage bliss, in cafes other than Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks.

Yet, Americans are looking to do more than just enjoy a great cup of coffee. According to Peter Baskerville in his article What's The Secret To A Successful Coffee Chop, "customers frequent a coffee shop for many more reasons than just hunger and thirst..." there are also reasons that surface in terms of work space escape, relationship building, and even just to interact with familiar cafe staff, to name only a few.

Girl Sitting at Boga Cafe & Bread Counter By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

In a brief interview, the Coffee Collective sat down to speak with the daughter of one of the cafe owner's, Melissa Botia, to speak about the cafe's mission, its coffee, and its dedication to the people of Kissimmee, Florida.

It was no secret that the cafe's owners enjoy Christmas time.

From the tiny signs littered about the store, to the holiday jingles on the speaker overhead, and even the stands in the display case, all paid tribute not only to the month of December, but also speaks to the coffee chop's remarkable, and adorable, attention to detail. Something even the daily customer takes notice of.

The Boga Cafe & Bread Inside Front Counter By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

"They have some really nice decor here, they take the time to make it really nice and clean in here, and the staff is always so friendly, upbeat, and helpful," Faith said. "I really enjoy the food and people here."

In short Boga Cafe & Bread has so much more to offer than simple quick service. From roasting their own beans, to baking their own breads, and taking the time out to speak with customers about their menu, or simply about how the day is going.

The combined last name coffee house, "Bo-" from Botia, and "-Ga" from Garcia, equaling "Boga", the polish word for "God", has made a lasting, and overall positive impression on not only the people of Kissimmee, Florida. But, on the Coffee Collective as well. Their efforts to serve quality coffee and baked goods to the bi-lingual community do not go unnoticed. This cafe is highly recommended for anyone traveling, or visiting the area, to march on in. The food is delish, and the coffee, from experience, is even better.

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