Coffee and COVID-19, What's Next?

COVID-19, better known as the Corona Virus, has been dominating news networks, social media sites, and general conversation for months now.

For the greater part of this illness' existence, many Americans have made light of the situation, looking to cover horror with humor. And for these last months, this strategy seemed to have been working.

This week again, the Coffee Collective took some time to talk to Manpreet Kaur, about her personal experiences with COVID-19, as both a laboratory professional, a New York Citizen, and coffee lover.

Here is the bad news.

But, ever since the disease hit the United States itself, and began rapidly spreading, the panic has begun to overflow.

In the last 2 weeks alone towns, counties, and states, Such as New York, California, and New Jersey, have begun to take serious measures to combat the spread of panic and pandemic alike.

From soft citizen management, to strict curfew placement, retail and school closures, these states are just the first within the U.S. to fully lockdown their borders, with potentially stricter measures to be put in place.

And surely more states will follow suit.

With these closures though, citizens have felt less than protected, and have thus begun stock piling items they feel as essential to their daily lives. Leaving empty shelves in their wake.

Empty Grocery Shelf By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

At first, they stock piled for only a couple of weeks. But, as the pandemic grows, individuals are beginning to prep for months of long term lockdown.

So, what does that mean for coffee?

Obviously, life as Americans have known it, has come to an end--for the foreseen future anyway. Thus, the average coffee occurrences of any given day, have also changed to meet the newest worldwide disaster head-long.

Here is the good news.

The greater public has not been stock piling coffee beans, grounds, machines, flavored syrups, sugar, or creamer yet. And hopefully never will.

Coffee On Store Shelf By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

Regular milk is another story, but almost any local gas station--so far--can help to combat this problem, for the time being.

But, for the individuals who do not own a personal coffee machine(s), syrups, creamer, and the like, getting their daily cup-of-joe, may have just become a little more difficult.

Although, not impossible.

For states such as New York and New Jersey, the stay home initiative is now in full swing, thanks to Governors Andrew M. Cuomo, and Phil Murphy (listed respectively to their districts).

What that does mean, is that every citizen is being told to stay home, expect if it is absolutely necessary for them to venture outdoors, to either grocery shop, or seek medical attention.

Most workers are encouraged to work from home, unless they work within the medical field, or any other work field considered essential to human life (or lifestyle), such as grocery stores workers and gas station attendants.

Restaurants, like Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and even locally owned cafes like 2 Alice's Coffee Lounge, are allowed to be opened, but under strict take out or delivery service instructions only. Some have chosen to close down altogether for the time being.

There is no sitting down to talk, write, or just kill an hour of time anymore.

Inside COVID-19 Closed Cafe By: Mariah P. K .Ardrey

Although these new changes are scary, and no one knows truly when the strict rules and restrictions will end, at least coffee lovers can rest a little easier knowing they are still able to get their favorite caffeinated beverages, from their favored vendors, for the time being--without fear of loosing out on there favored drink to stockpilers.

The only thing missing for now, will unfortunately be the face to face meet ups cover a cup-of-joe. But, that does not have to mean an end to socializing over coffee.

Grab a cup, and a phone or laptop, sign on to FaceTime or Skype, then0while sipping away--chalk up a conversation with a relative or friend! Coffee can still contiubte to meaningful conversation, and a relaxing day.

COVID-19 will eventually go away, and life, and normal coffee habits, will return to normal.

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