Coffee Made Royal

The Hudson Valley is overflowing with secret treasures. Perhaps, one of the best kept non-secret secrets, resides in Campbell Hall, NY. This gem is known as, Noble Coffee Roasters.

This charming cafe, so accurately described by baker, Page Sanchez, really is "in the middle of nowhere". The coffee house was first established in 1982.

Since then, the cafe's reputation as both a coffee brewing king and community powerhouse, has only grown. Its fans (the customers), as well as its employees, hold nothing but love for the oddly situated coffee bar.

A fact made evident by the large, continuously flowing, mid-day lunch rush.

Men and women, mothers and children, husbands and wives, acquaintances and friends...even solitary individuals, of all ages, stride through both front and side entrances, to grab their favorite sandwich, and a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans to go. Or, a specialty coffee, with a pastry, to sit with their partner for a moment.

Noble Roasters has something for everyone.

Woman Standing at Noble Coffee Roasters Front Counter By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

And it doesn't start and end with just coffee.

From poetry nights, to small musical performances, and even the art that lines their walls, Noble Roasters provides customers in the Campbell Hall community, with a plethora of opportunities to express themselves, while also meeting and connecting with others.

But, even with all the delicious morsels, community get-togethers, and savory sweet beverages lying about, what Noble Roasters is best known for, is their wholesale coffee beans.

Coffee Beans and Noble Roasters Coffee Pot By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

Now, the phrase "wholesale coffee" may seem a little obscure, or maybe even confusing, but the practice really isn't as hard to understand as many often predict.

The term "wholesale," quite simply referees to the process/business of buying and selling goods in bulk.

A common practice in the coffee community, as the United States buys coffee beans from other countries, to sell and roast, in order to make specialty coffee. It is a rather lucrative business overall.

Customers Dine in Noble Roasters Main Seating Area By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

Noble Coffee Roasters, participates in this large scale trade market, on the local township level. Yet, what makes their beans stand out from their competition's, is the fact that their roast their own coffee beans on site. And then, sell their specific creations to the men and women who walk through their front doors. This is no easy task.

Especially for a smaller business, working against the tides of larger coffee trade companies, like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

Coffee and Tea Blends on Display for Customers to Choose From. By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

Yet, despite the difficulties that face the small cafe on a daily basis, Noble Roasters continues to thrive.

Through its dedication to craft, coffee, culture and community, this coffee house has managed to maintain its strong, caffeine current, for well over 30 years. And it does not show signs of slowing down or stopping any time soon.

This cafe is more certainly worth a repeat visit.

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