New Jersey's Bagel Stop Serves Up Community Connection

When it comes to coffee community standards, culture, connection, and above most...hospitality...The BGL comes into the new cafe scene swinging. This relativity new social gathering spot is working hard to make a good impression, and set new standards for coffee in Northern New Jersey.

The BGL Store Front By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

From succulent sandwiches and bagels to well crafted, smooth, caffeinated beverages, and a killer aesthetic, The BGL is wining hearts, and stars all around town.

It shouldn't come as any surprise that a cafe is a standard must in a well-nit community.

According to LifeWise's article The Importance of Community Cafes, the need for a quality coffee shop goes beyond just the need for great caffeine. The article states, "If you think of a community like a large, extended family, then a community café is like your grandmother’s house. Here there’s always food on the table, a hot cuppa if you want it, and a warm hug if you need it. It’s where everyone gathers..."

And that is where the greatest importance lies. In gathering.

The BGL Community Board By: Mariah P. K Ardrey

As time wears on, and technology gains newer, cooler advancements, and relevance in the daily lives of most human beings around the world, gathering together has physically scene decline amongst human social practices.

According to the Forbes article, Are We Losing The Human Connection, "...Technology has absolutely been instrumental in shifting our world to become what it is today. Because of technology, we’re able to get tasks done more quickly, get in touch with friends and co-workers across the globe with the touch of a button and seem more connected to the world around us. But, how connected are we really?"

An excellent question!

With varied answers.

The BGL Front Menu By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

Charles Ashworth points out the benefits of the technology idea world, but also some of the pitfalls of living in such a user friendly universe today. How human kind has normalized this new version of reality. How people created technology to be used, to fill a void, to aid in human development.

But now, human kind is divided. Has technology helped, or hinder, the human experience? And how can coffee get people back to the basics?

Couple Enjoying BGL Coffee By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

Easy. In the same way that people decided that technology would become such a helpful, rift making, social wave. By choice.

And more and more individuals are choosing cafes and coffee, as the starting point--the foundation--for building upon their new, physical, relationships. According to Gerd Leonhard, also writing for Forbes, 2020 will be the time of a new renaissance, human connection over digital fan making.

And small cafes like The BGL are making headway, for the less crowd driven derivative of human kind, that enjoys a more intimate setting for social construction, other than Starbucks. Although this major coffee culture poster has done an outstanding job, transforming the caffeine consumption scene.

That the beauty of coffee shops like The BGL and Starbucks. For every one person, in every individual community, coffee finds a way to impact lives, far beyond what many individuals could ever imagine.

Coffee creates new community standards every day.

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