The Mill Street Cafe Captures The True Essence of Community, Over a Cup of Coffee

The days tick steadily on in Middletown, New York's very own, Mill Street Cafe. To many customers, both new and returning, the classic craft eatery may present itself on the outside, like any other fine dining cafe. But, the Mill Street Cafe is brewing up more than just coffee and good food here.

Top of Mill Street Cafe Menu By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

From tasty fajita quesadillas, to drool worthy snickerdoodle cookies, and a freshly brewed coffee pot, this artisan cafe is ready to impact the taste buds of any customer that comes its way. But, that's not even the best part.

This cafe's main specialty is in community development, and cultural impact. It is a fresh start.

According to Operations Supervisor Christine Lazar, "the first thing I love about working at the Mill Street Cafe, is the overall charm and atmosphere here. The cafe has really helped in developing an umbrella of a community, that cares about people," She said.

"The second thing I love is, obviously, the food," Christine said.

The Mill Street Cafe celebrated its grand opening on September 14th 2018, according to the Hudson Valley Press. It was an event that many had eagerly awaited in Middletown, even if they did not know it yet.

Side Entrance View Of Mill Street Cafe Front Counter. By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

The craft cafe transformed 2 essential physical and emotional aspects in Middletown. The first being, that the cafe opened in what once was an abandoned eye-sore, of a historic building made in 1875. The 3-story structure had been left empty for many years, following its original manufacturing occupancies of hats and furniture. Now, the building stands, vintage, but proud. Holding within its walls, the Mill Street Cafe, and several added on housing complexes for those who live in Middletown, New York, according to the Hudson Valley Press article.

The transformation was not easy.

But, the community of Middletown was, and still is, in desperate need of revival. No matter how small.

Thankfully, the Mill Street Cafe has impacted the community of Middletown, New York, in a big way.

Mill Street Employee Cutting Pie By:Mariah P. K. Ardrey

The artisanal lunch spot has not only added to the charm of Middletown. And it has added a great deal more than just being another locally owned and run store-front food business.

The Mill Street Cafe is actually an integral part of community and individual human development. And not just for offering a great cup-of-joe to sit down and talk over.

The eatery works as an acting member of the Regional Economic Community Action Program, also known as RECAP. Christine Lazar, spoke not only of her time over the lat year, working in the cafe, but also spoke fondly of her last 12 years with the company, making mention again of that "umbrella affect community".

Mill Street Cafe is the third installment of RECAP's workforce training program. The program aims to help men and women, no matter age, ethnicity, or background, to improve upon their marketable job site skills, the target outcome to help alleviate some of the struggle that people re-entering the workforce may face, according to the Hudson Valley Magazine.

Customers Enjoy A Meal Together At Mill Street Cafe By: Mariah Ardrey

"There’s nothing as exciting as a comeback – seeing someone with dreams, watching them fail, and then getting a second chance," a fitting quote, to fit the perfect cafe, by Rachel Griffiths on

Truly, a quote that seems to be taken to heart by the employees here.

Always smiling, willing to help, talk, answer a question, or pick up the ever-ringing phone to fill yet another food order, the people who work here are full of life. True, quality, human beings.

Standing in the front door of this vibrant cafe, it is hard to imagine it as anything other than what it is today, a place to enjoy good company, good food, and good coffee.

Yet, having learned about the past of this building on 34 Mill Street, and how it has progressed into a large scale influencer for so many people in Middletown's community--even if it only serves to feed hungry citizens on their lunch breaks--only makes the mission of the cafe, and of RECAP itself, even stronger.

Behind The Counter Coffee Bar Station At Mill Street Cafe. By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

Cafes and coffee truly make the world go around.

If ever in visiting Middletown, New York in the Hudson Valley, the Mill Street Cafe is a must have on the "attraction" list. Grabbing a bite, and a cup-of-joe here, is 100% the way to go, no matter where you may need to go next.

Make sure to stop in, if ever get the chance arises, this cafe will not disappoint.

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