The Rise in Personalization: Experience vs. Espresso: How 2 Alice’s Coffee Lounge Keeps the Customer

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

If any individual were to read the official website for Newburgh, New York, they would think the city a charming, quaint, and sweet, pleasant place to live, work, grow, and make merry. But the truth of the matter is, Newburgh, New York is most famously known for its crime, and has unofficially gained itself the title of “the murder capital,” having more known killings recorded in this smaller city than New York City itself.

Yet, despite Newburgh’s rough exterior, and scary street rumors, the 2 Alice’s Coffee Lounge, has remained open here for well over 5 years, according to an article written about the shop, titled Twice As Nice: 2 Alice’s In Cornwall, Newburgh, Caters To Community. Here is how.

2 Alice's Storefront Chalk Menu By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

Former employee Rebecca Nissen said, “I find it difficult to express the

impact of having worked at 2 Alice’s, and the impact that both its employees and its patrons have had on my existence…Over my 3.5 years there, I formed REAL, meaningful relationships with my customers, and always felt lucky to be such a close part of their lives, simply because I had the enormous responsibility of preparing their caffeinated beverages each day.”

“And yes, that is a HUGE responsibility!” She said, obviously quite happy to be remembering her days working behind the counter of the coffee shop.

And Rebecca isn’t the only coffee addicted beauty to sing 2 Alice’s praises.

Long-term returning customer, Michele Gulino, also had nothing but good things to say about the trendy coffee shop.

“I’m telling you,” she said, “…coffee house are the way of the future.” People come out here to support the locals, and will continue to come here specifically for the focus the café has on culture and community. As well as the coffee variety. Michele said.

“It’s like a diamond in the rough. Especially for a place like Newburgh.” Gulino finished.

And apparently, that has been the goal from the very beginning. According to Twice As Nice: 2 Alice’s In Cornwall, Newburgh, Caters To Community’s Jeanne Muchnick, who got to sit down with the owners of the local coffee chain, Mikey Jackson (co-owner) said that, “Both shops have always been focused [on] the communities they are in. We have a lot of bands and musicians, Trivia Night every Thursday in Cornwall, church events, school events…”

Muchnick also said, “the two make sure to keep their customer base in mind when planning their activities.”

And of course, that also includes the caffeinated beverages themselves.

A customer walking through the front door of either 2 Alice’s location, can just as easily order a lavender iced latter to go, as a vanilla or caramel latte at Starbucks. But, the café doesn’t make just strange espresso drinks, it makes the vanilla lattes too, as well as some delicious gluten free baked goods, soup, and there is even a wine menu.

But again, those all came together for the customer, by the customer.

“People make connections here,” Michele Gulino said, “on all levels. It’s nice to find a place to unplug and just talk to people.”

2 Alice’s Newburgh Storefront By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

The coffee is great. The connections are better. 2 Alice’s works to bring the customers in through thick and thin, by using coffee and community to bind them together.

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