Want To Spice Up That Iced Mocha Latte? Just Add A Metal Straw!

In the few short months since 2020's onset, the world has seen quite a bit of mayhem and havoc wash across the planet's surface. Plague, earthquakes, people of every race, color, and origin, acting out ever more savagely.

Metal Straw in Glass Cup By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

Almost every human being that calls the Earth home can agree...the world is getting crazier every minute. And as the saying goes, "mo money, mo problems." Or in this case, the longer time goes on, the more problems crop up.

Yet, despite how uncertain and scary these times may be, it is always good to remember, that there is nothing new under the Sun, and all of these things will one day settle again, one way or the other.

Yet, despite all of these other worldly distractions, there are some more common issues, that always manifest the same. The issue of the environment being one of them.

Metal Straw in Glass Mug By: Mariah P. K. Ardrey

And with spikes in "naturally" occurring disasters, the issue has past the point of being ignored. Human kind is finally taking measures to try and counteract their negative impact, and owning the mistakes they have made. Now, there are a multitude of ways in which every man, woman, and even puppy can do to lessen the strain they place on the world, but one of the biggest impacts comes from business, specifically food related business, and of course...coffee.

Even companies like Starbucks are joining in the fight against plastic pollution.

And fun tools like portable and metal straws are only starting to pick up worldwide. New and continuing supporters of the new straw movement say it is way easier to get into than may be expected, but that it is also really hard to break old habits when trying to get used to carrying the metal beverage enhancer around constantly.

When it comes to coffee and the environment though, the sacrifice and the time spent learning to adjust to new normals are well worth the effort.

So, if coffee is a priority to the coffee beans reading, and the planet is too, try investing in metal straws, or other environmentally minded coffee companies! It is more than worth the research, time and money.

Welcome to the time of green coffee!

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